"With over 40 years of experience, time proven methods & the latest technology,
I will guide your ideas to production"
Finding an experienced mold maker that can build your tooling to your exact specifications is a real challenge. Using my relationships with qualified mold builders I can assist in managing your mold build and or related tooling requirements with the mold builder of your choice. Using my tool engineering experience I can provide the mold makers with real time answers to mold design questions, Part design requirements and tool completion deadlines. I provide timely mold build progress reports until your injection mold is complete and ready for a fist mold trial or as it is called in the industry the (T0) trial. I will also review and analyze the first molded samples in conjunction with the injection molder, mold builder along with supporting measurement and mold processing reports. Based on any given mold trial feedback and discussions I will recommend tool adjustments to insure your molded part meets all design specifications. I can manage the mold build and mold adjustment process from approved mold design to having a full production ready injection mold. StateSide can take the uncertainty of having your mold building requirements met and turn that into certainty.
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