"With over 40 years of experience, time proven methods & the latest technology,
I will guide your ideas to production"
Engineering, Designing and building an efficient injection mold that produces your unique product is crucial and can be a substantial investment. I use state of the art 3d modeling software to create all aspects of the mold design from initial concept to fully defined mold components ready for manufacture. All my designs whether being a prototype mold or a full high production mold comply with molding insudtry standards. These mold standards include S.P.I ( Society of the Plastics Industry) which basically outlines what each class of injection mold should contain in terms of types of steel, basic mechanical components, level of heat treatment to insure a robust and long lasting mold. The mold class categories are SPI 101, 102, 103, 104 of which the SPI 101 is used to designate the highest type of production tool where SPI 104 would designate a lower production tool. What ever your level of production requirement is. I will work very closely with you during the design process and with the mold builder and injection molder to insure that your mold design is fully integrated to insure maximum molding efficiency. Together We will concept, engineer and design your mold to maximize your profit using time tested design techniques.
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