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3d Parts Design
Creating your part/s as a three dimensional Computer Aided Design (C.A.D.) virtual model is the first step on the path to converting your idea into a form that can be manufactured. This 3d C.A.D model is extremely important as it will be the “Master” model that will precisely and geometrically represent your finished product. This master model will be used throughout the manufacturing process which includes Injection mold design, Injection mold manufacture, Plastic injection molding and maintaining all critical to function aspects of your product. Blue prints will be created from the master models to define such aspects as part color, surface finishes, type of molded resin and any other pertinent information. Based on your intended product use, brainstorming discussions and suggestions from me. I will create your master model to your exact expectations.
I take a personal interest in your success and take pride in accomplishment by assisting you.
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