"With over 40 years of experience, time proven methods & the latest technology,
I will guide your ideas to production"
3d Part Design
3d Parts Design
Part Design Review for Manufacture
Part Design review
Have a current part design that needs review?
  • I can support your design team during the initial part / product design phase.
  • Design input at the initial product design phase can save a tremendous amount of re-engineering time.
  • Review and diagnose all part features and geometry based on industry methods to insure a quality molded part.
  • Provide precise and specific suggestions to improve overall part manufacturability.
  • Review and suggest methods of part design to identify and address critical to function and critical to quality aspects that could avoid pitfalls during the injection molding process.
  • Assist in choosing suitable resins that meet the final product design intent.
  • 3d printing service available as a low cost method to confirm "Proof of design" prior to moving forward.
Injection Mold Design / Mold Engineering
Injection mold
I offer professional injection mold design using the latest 3d solid modeling software.
  • All molds are designed to meet American mold making standard practices.
  • Prototype to full production mold design based on your production needs.
  • Design multi-cavity hot runner production tools.
  • Design multi action molds for complex parts.
  • Full design review support with your manufacturing team and or mold builder.
  • Full detailed 2d blueprints provided if required.
  • Co-ordinate with value add providers such as: Hot runner system builders insuring a successful and dependable quality tool.
  • Co-ordinate with injection molders to insure a proper match between injection mold and molding machine.
Management of Injection Mold and Related Tooling Fabrication
Injection mold animation
My extensive experience is at your service providing dependable management in avoiding possible pitfalls when moving into the fabrication of prototype tooling to full high production tooling.
  • Qualifying mold builders insuring that your tooling is manufactured to achieve maximum productivity.
  • Provide the mold builders mold design feedback during fabrication to avoid any costly re-machining and avoiding project delays.
  • Liaison between my clients and the injection molder, mold builder and engineering to insure a streamlined timeline to meet deadlines with highest product quality.
  • Review molded sample inspection reports with the molder, QA and Mold builder and provide detailed mold adjustment criteria based on that data.
  • Provide mold build updates on a regular basis.